Amazing Advantages Of Using Timber Cladding Panels

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Timber Cladding Panels
Timber Cladding Panels have developed from a structural style basically used in farming structures (e.g. outbuildings) into a popular plan for residential and commercial structures.
Despite its need in the market, numerous buyers are uninformed with understanding what cladding is and the way that it's used. If you are thinking about introducing cladding to your home or essentially need to instruct yourself about the flexible timber wall cladding material, read on!
What is Timber Cladding?
It's simplest to consider Timber cladding a second skin for any area of the house. It is introduced on the façade of different structures to enhance the space and bring a touch of nature into it. With its rich, stylish taste, timber cladding also looks perfect in different commercial areas, adding a special point of convergence to any space.
Timber cladding panels include sheets or boards of Timber that cross over like a puzzle creating a unique space within your home. This sliding and convenient feature make it an ideal for all DIY options as well.
Timber Cladding Types: Which Are Best?
One of the primary decisions homeowners consider regarding Timber cladding panels is which wood to pick. There is a wide range of Timbers suitable for cladding, each with its own arrangement of benefits and drawbacks.
The principal wood cladding types include:
  • Western red cedar
  • Larch
  • Douglas fir
  • Oak
  • Sweet chestnut
  • Iroko
All the wooden panels of Driftwood Feature Walls are made from recycled and up-cycled teak and mahogany wood of the highest quality
Benefits of Timber Cladding Panels
Timber cladding has turned into a prominent material for house decorating as it effectively weds style and reasonableness. Furthermore, it also boasts a variety of helpful characteristics.
  • Structure:
    Cladding is suitable for many interior and exterior spaces as it is both adaptable and lightweight. Not at all like other structure materials, cladding can be set up to make forward-thinking building shapes.
  • Aesthetic:
    It has a light and smooth appearance that helps it in mixing great with regular environmental factors. Different kinds of wood make cladding a flexible material that finds a place with any style. It also arrives in a scope of profiles, colors and textures.
  • Ease of Installation:
    Timber cladding panels are intended for usability and quick DIY establishment. It also requires fewer additional treatments to take care of it, making it a cost-efficient option. For more information on the installation, please reach out to
  • Environmental Friendly:
    Wood is a naturally obtained inexhaustible material. Any remaining choices including glass, PVC, or concrete can expand the carbon impression of your home and now and again (like glass) give more unfortunate protection. The wooden panels we create come from up-cycled old boats and hoses. Stylishly and satisfying as well as can be handily reused, recharged, or covered up to give an entirely different look!
  • Conservative:
    Wooden cladding is among the least expensive choices among its counterparts. The expense per square foot of wooden cladding is a lot lower than glass or PVC. So you get to solve two problems at once.
Driftwood Feature Walls
All our wood panels are made from high-end teak and mahogany timber, made with love with 100% recycled timber, teak and mahogany. All the products are highly stylish wood cladding, suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. They're designed with your budget in mind, and the installation of our panels can be done 100% by you or any of your family members.
You wouldn't have to worry about the quality as they are all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable forestry practices, hence you can rest assured all panels are ethically sourced.

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