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Feature Walls

Interior decoration can be confusing when you have too many ideas or none.

Many trends are popping up that can be, at times, overwhelming for homeowners. The fact is that very few of these trends are long-lasting.

Amongst them, there is one trend that is sure to keep your guests amazed by its elegance and aesthetic.

The new trend we are talking about is feature walls. This is a small change in your home’s pattern that has a big impact on its overall look.

So, what exactly is this new trend?

What are feature walls? 

The same pattern, regardless of how beautiful it is, if repeated too many times, can get boring.

There must be some change to reduce monotony.

And that’s exactly what the feature wall does.

If your entire home is designed around one theme, then there is nothing better than adding a feature wall and improving the personality of your room.

A feature wall is one selected wall that has a different texture, colour, and pattern compared to others.

Creating one is as simple as painting a particular wall a different colour.

However, if you are passionate about interior design, feature wall panels are far superior to simple colour or pattern changes.

These can be implemented in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom, adding a flair of charm to each one.

There are two options you can choose from when it comes to feature wall panels, new and recycled ones.

It may seem counterintuitive, but recycled wood panels are the ones to go for. New does not mean better when it comes to wood.

Why are feature wall panels so special?

Growing in popularity for their quality and unique texture, feature wall panels from recycled wood are what you should consider investing in for interior decoration for the following reasons.

1: High-quality wood

When it comes to wood, age is a big factor in determining its quality.

Recycled feature wall panels are made from old trees with a mature mast.

This increases their strength and durability.

2: Pleasing Texture

Mature trees have well-developed heartwood, which gives them a unique texture.

This is something missing in wood harvested from younger trees.

Recycled feature wall panels have a distinctive appearance, which is important for your home’s decor.

3: Improved aesthetics

This is what you are looking for when designing your home’s interior.

Feature wall panels are the best for just that. Regardless of the paint and patterns, it is still a simple concrete wall. However, a feature wall panel gives a special vibe to your home.

It evokes the feeling of being close to nature.

It takes you back to ancient times when people used to live in wooden houses.

4: Hide damp walls

Damp walls can look very ugly, throwing off the design of your home.

Installing feature wall panels is a great way to conceal such damp walls or any other spots hampering the design.

5: They are affordable

Recycled feature wall panels are affordable, even if they might not seem like it.

As wood is extracted from old houses, boats, and furniture for recycling, it does not have the same production cost as harvesting new trees.

This makes them cheaper than new wood products while providing better quality as well.

6: They are easy to install

Painting a wall requires a lot of skill but installing feature wall panels does not.

We at Driftwood provide an instruction manual that makes the process so simple that anyone can do it without assistance from another person.

This also saves you the cost of hiring a painter if you paint the wall.

In a few words…

The trend of feature wall panels is not going away anytime soon.

It not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also encourages recycling and environmental protection.

If you are deciding to buy wood panels, then Driftwood has many unique textures to offer.

We have timber wall panels, dark-wooden panels, light-wooden panels, and Perth Timber Feature Wall Panels.

Order your sample for only $15 today.


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